Tamar’s Hotel Internship – New Zealand


Name: Tamar

University: Edinburgh Napier University

Studying: BA (HONS) Festivals and Events Management

Internship Length: 26 Weeks

Start Date: March 2011

Programme: New Zealand Hospitality Internships


Tamar applied in February for a New Zealand Hospitality Internship with HTE Internships. We asked Tamar some questions about why she applied and what she is most looking forward to in New Zealand. You can check out what Tamar said below.



I first heard about the internship from my tutor who suggested that it might be something I would be interested in doing, as soon as I read her e-mail and checked out the website it immediately felt like it was the perfect internship to do. I phoned my mum and said ‘Would I be crazy if I did my internship in New Zealand’, and she said ‘that sounds like an incredible experience, I think you should go for it’.

By taking on this internship I think it will enhance my confidence for taking on new and exciting opportunities and my passion for travelling will develop.

I am most looking forward to living and working in a new environment and experience the New Zealand way of life. During my internship I would hope to better my hospitality skills and show to myself how independent I can be.

I think future employers would be impressed that during my 6 months internship during my university course I was able to embrace a new culture and challenges and would show that I am committed to my job, and would travel to be part of the experience.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity… defiantly a 10/10.


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