Wen’s Hotel Internship in New Zealand


Name: Wen

University: Sheffield Hallam University

Studying: MSc International Event and Conference Management

Internship Length: 12 months

Start Date: July/ August 2011

Programme: New Zealand Hotel Internships


Wen applied in February a New Zealand Hospitality Internship with HTE Internships. We asked Wen some questions about why she applied and what she is most looking forward to in New Zealand. You can check out what Wen said below.



Why did you decide to apply for an internship abroad?

I applied for the internship in New Zealand for several reasons, the first reason is that it is really a good opportunity for me to have a totally different experence outside Sheffield and my hometown, Hunan. The second reason is that New Zealand is such a beautiful country that there is no reason for me to miss it, many well known movies such as The Lord of The Rings were filmed there, and it’s a good chance to visit it. The third reason is that I would like to figure out whether the event & hospitality industry is the same or not the same as that in UK or China, I also want to enhance my working experience and make my CV stronger.


How do you think this will help you in the future?

There’s a old saying in my country, travel broadens the mind and enrich the soul, I believe I will benefit a lot from the internship.

Besides, it will show that I have the courage to face difficulties alone and have the willing to learn and travel, which might made me stand out.


What are you most looking forward to in New Zealand?

To experience different cultures, meet new people.


What do you hope to achieve/ learn on your internship abroad?

I hope to understand how conferences or events would be run within a hotel, and to know the relationship between hospitality and events.


How do you think future employers will view your time abroad?

I believe that the 12 months internship would impress my future employers a lot and made me stand out, for it would allow me to combine practice to knowledge and sharpen my mind.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?

I’m very excited about the internship and can’t help thinking about it. I’d like to say 9 as I’ve just applied for the placement and do not get a confirmed one yet. But I’m truely excited!


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  1. Ruiyu,Lin says:

    New zealand is a beautiful country ,this is a good opportunity to meet different cultural people and learn from them,Meet new friends are always good thing for me cos i am a chinese student who came to England for learning english and different culture, this will enrich my life and my knowledge ,the same as New zealand . I would like gain different experience from hospitality industry in different country. And my dream is starting my own hotel in the future, so I would like to gain the experiences as much as I could.

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