John’s Split Hospitality Internship – Australia & New Zealand



Name: John

University: Newcastle University

Studying: BA Hons History

Placement Length: 6 months New Zealand then 6 months Australia

Start Date: September 2011

Programme: Split Australia & New Zealand Hospitality Placement


John applied in April for a Split hospitality placement that will see him working in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup and then to Australia for his second 6 month placdment. We asked John some questions about why he applied and what heis most looking forward to in NZ & Australia. You can check out what he said below.


I have always wanted to travel abroad, and in particular have been attracted to New Zealand and Australia, so the opportunity to go abroad to these two countries whilst also gaining valuable work experience and getting paid for the pleasure was the perfect opportuntity for me.

The split internship programme offered the perfect amount of time in both countries whilst also having the opportunity to be in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup, which is a massive bonus for me as i love rugby. I can’t wait to get out there, meet new people and travel and explore two amazing countries during the times i’m not working.


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