Benoit’s Hospitality Job in New Zealand


Name: Benoit

Hospitality Experience: 5+ years

Studied at: ISIFA Paris

Placement Length: 6 or 12 months New Zealand

Start Date: June – August 2011

Programme: Hospitality Internships in New Zealand


Benoit applied in May for a New Zealand hospitality job. With more than five years of experience in hospitality specializing in food and beverage department, we look forward to placing Benoit into a great hotel in New Zealand. We asked Benoit some questions about why he applied and what he is most looking forward to in NZ. You can check out what he said below.


I decided to go for an internship in New Zealand because since I have started to travel it is a country that i absolutly want to discover and go learn a lot about.

Such a great country with a deep culture and a very famous wine market have a lot to offer i want to learn from those people and be a part of a great work team.

A work experience in New Zealand is once in a life time chance for me and this could be so rewarding for my future , my resume and me as a human being.

I really look forward such an experience on a scale from 1 to 10 i see myself at 8.5


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