Hospitality Internship Feedback – Kristen’s Split Hotel Internship


Name: Kristen

From: Washington, USA

University: Western Washington University

Currently working: 5 Star Hotel – Auckland, New Zealand

Placement Length: 6 Months New Zealand, 6 months Australia

Started: July 2011

Programme: Split Australia/ NZ Hospitality Programme


Kristen is working in Auckland, New Zealand on her first six month hospitality internship at one of Auckland’s top 5 star hotels. In January, Kristen will move to Australia to start her second six month placement at an Australian hotel. This will make up her total 12 month placement between New Zealand and Australia.


How was your first week of work, did you have induction?

My first week of work went great. Every day got easier. All of the employees are really nice. I do have to say I am not used to their type of clientele and I am still getting used to that. My first week I was mainly trained by one other bartender on the operations of the evening shift. At times it was information over load, but now it’s a lot easier. They did a big training session about the over view of the hotel with many other new employees in other positions throughout the hotel about a month after I started.


Describe a typical work day at your hotel?

My typical work week is about 30-40 hours and each day is an average of about 8 hours (with 1-2 days off a week). I usually work one morning a week, starting at 7am and ending around 3pm. The rest of the week I start at about 3pm and finish around midnight or later depending on how busy the night is. In the evenings I am usually in the bar with one other bartender, they usually make the majority of the drinks and I concentrate on the table service.

On busy evenings (thurs, fri, sat) there are anywhere from 2-5 employees just working in the bar. Our busiest point in the evening is usually during happy hour (5-6 Sunday-Thursday and 5-7 on Fridays). We can also be really busy when there are large functions or meetings and they decide to come into the bar after they are all finish with their event. Like with most restaurants or bars, it’s really hard to tell when exactly you are going to busy and you never know what the night will bring. This will be in full effect starting this Friday for Rugby World Cup, we really have no idea what to expect. Two of the restaurants in the hotel also come to bar for all of their beverages including; wine, beer, cocktails, espresso, sparkling/ mineral water, and softs where we then pour those drinks for them too.


How are the people at your work, are they friendly, easy to ask questions?

I love all of the people I work with. I have made some great friends with a few of them and even the General Manager of the hotel is very approachable and hands on which was kind of a surprise for me. Each day he makes a point to personally have a quick chat with me to make sure everything is going ok or even just to have a quick laugh on passing. Everyone is very easy for me to talk to and ask questions.


Are there any interns in your hotel or city that you have caught up with?

The only other intern at my hotel that I have met is Rose from the UK and I just met her. I haven’t met up with any of the other.


How easy was it to find accommodation and how much are you paying?

It did take some time to find longer term accommodation. It took about 10 days for me to find something. The websites were not very helpful and I finally just ended up walking up and down the street and stopping in at apartment complexes. My apartment is in the city, 2 bedrooms, and soooo tiny (and kind of smells ha) but we had to jump on the opportunity because with the RWC there are really slim pickings.

We pay $380 a week (so split that’s $190 for each person). On signing the contract, there was a very large bond that we had to pay right away too. I haven’t received any bills yet, but I am anticipating water will be about $100 a month and I have no idea what to expect for power. I do not have skytv or internet at my apartment, but my apartment was furnished with the necessities.


Anything else you can think of…anything?

Things are going well here, I am really excited for the RWC to start!


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