Holly’s Australia Hospitality Internship – 12 months Tropical Island



Name: Holly

University/ College: Plymouth University

Studying: International Hospitality Management Degree

Experience: Hotel & Restaurant experience

Placement Length: 12 months in Australia

Start Date: June – August 2012

Programme: Australia Hospitality Internships


Holly applied for our new Australia hospitality internship programme to start 2012. Holly will be one of the 25 hospitality students put forward to work in a 5 star resort in the tropical Whitsundays Islands. If successful Holly will be working for 12 months with one employer on a sponsored visa into Australia. We asked Holly some questions about why she applied and what she is most looking forward to in Australia. You can check out what she said below.


Why did you decide to apply for a hospitality placement internship abroad?

As part of my course at University I had the option to take a placement year and I knew immediately I wanted to take the opportunity to do it in Australia! I study International Hospitality Management so want to gain international work experience, along with working in a new and exciting environment. I love to travel and experience different cultures and I have always wanted to go to Australia so this would be the chance of a life time for me.


How do you think this will help you in the future?

By doing the Australian internship it will not only help with my future career prospects in a massive way, but also help with self-confidence and independence. It will help me to make more of a decision of the career I want within the hospitality industry and show that I have experience working abroad on my CV.


What are you most looking forward to in Australia?

I am most looking forward to experiencing the Australian culture for the first time and meeting new people.


What do you hope to achieve/ learn on your internship abroad?

I hope to gain as many new skills as possible to help me with my career development in the hospitality industry. I also hope to grow with confidence and learn more about the Australian way of life.


How do you think future employers will view your time abroad?

Future employees will be able to see that I am someone that can put myself out there in a completely new environment and have the confidence needed for the job. It also shows I have the ability to work with a wide diverse customer and employee base and having the experience of working in Australia is something unique.

I am extremely excited about this opportunity!


If you’re looking for a Hospitality internship like Holly, click through to the Australia Hospitality Internships programme page for more information, or if you are ready to apply now for a great internship in New Zealand or Australia, click through to the Apply Now page.


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