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Not many hospitality students get to say their Hospitality Internship was in a 5 star resort on a tropical island.

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This programme is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people and HTE Internships can make it happen for you!

The hospitality industry is an international industry and you will be interacting with customers from all around the world.  Having international hospitality experience on your CV will make your CV stand out in this very competitive job market.

HTE Internships place hospitality students from many countries around the world into Australia to get some amazing hospitality experience on their CV.

There are three options under this Australia Hospitality Programme:

1) 12 month Australia Hospitality Internships – Sponsored Work Visa 2012 Programme Full
2) 6 month Australia Hospitality Internship – Sponsored Work Visa 2012 Programme Full
3) 6 month Australia Hospitality Internship – Working Holiday Visa 2012 Programme Full


Programme Cost

We have a number of options for you, the programme costs below do not include airfare, insurance, visa or RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) online course cost. If you are unsure about what the Australian Hospitality Programme includes, please click on the links above or ask the HTE Internships team.

Programme Length Programme Cost
6 Months UK£ 950
6 month Sponsored UK£ 1,500**
12 month Sponsored UK£ 1,800**
6 Months in New Zealand, 6 months in Australia UK£ 1,495

**Cost of sponsored work visa included in the programme cost.

What can I earn?

Each resort structure their wages/ salary differently, but you can budget on a minimum of A$17 per hour (some pay up to A$22 per hour). You will be working an average of 30-40 hours per week.

Additional costs you need to budget for (Estimated)

Cost UK Pounds** Euros** US Dollars**
Return airfare (depending on time of year) £600 – £900 €800-1,000 US$700-900
Insurance for 12 months £150 – £320 €120-350 US$300-600
RSA Online Course ($80) £52 €61 80
Spending money on arrival/ to first pay (A$300) £196 €229 US$300

**Where the above Australian dollar (A$) figures have been given and estimated UK, Euro or US dollar amounts given, the exchange rates used are UK£1 to A$1.53, €1 to A$.1.31 and US$1 to A$1. These are the exchange rate as at 5th of January 2011, you will need to check the current exchange rate at the time you are preparing a personal budget of these figures. All figures above are estimates, you will need to gain a quote based on your circumstances to have an accurate cost.

In addition to the additional costs shown above, you will also need to prove you have enough funds to support yourself in Australia. This is part of the visa application. This can either be shown in your account, or in your parents account with a letter of support from them stating they would support you to the amount needed by Australian Immigration.


How to apply

To apply for the Australian Hospitality Programme, or the joint Australia and New Zealand package, please click through to the How to Apply page for application documents and information and full details on the application process. Alternatively, email your CV/ Resume to