Australia Hotel Housekeeping Placement – Job/ Position Description


Below is a typical Housekeeping job description for a Whitsundays 4 or 5 star resort or hotel.  Please note that some of the responsibilities listed are not pre-requisites for applying for this position, these are expected of you after 3-6 weeks of training or induction on the job.

Division: Hotels – Rooms Division

Location: Whitsundays

Reports To: Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Housekeeping Supervisors

Direct Subordinates: Nil

Responsibilities include:

  • Arrives at the work area in full uniform including name badge 10 minutes prior to the shift starting, attends briefing or checks briefing board and reports to the Supervisor/Manager.
  • Ensures all assigned areas are kept clean, safe and hygienic.
  • Ensures additional cleaning programmes are undertaken as directed and to the performance standards required.
  • Responds to guests and staff enquiries, requests and complaints in a prompt and courteous manner. Takes personal responsibility to ensure maximum guest satisfaction at all times. Addresses guests according to the company etiquette guidelines
  • Ensures all maintenance and safety incidents and hazards are promptly reported to the Supervisor/Manager to minimise hazard risk and ensure a high level of guest satisfaction at all times.
  • Takes personal responsibility for equipment, ensuring it is operated correctly and secure at all times.
  • Ensures grooming, hygiene and safety procedures are maintained according to company Policy and procedures.
  • Maintains an up to date knowledge of all chemicals and cleaning products, and the correct handling procedures.
  • Promotes and encourages a strong team work ethic.
  • Attends departmental briefings, training, meetings etc. as directed by the Supervisor/Manager ensuring all relevant information is passed on.
  • Reports any unusual or suspicious persons/activities happening in the area of security to the manager, therefore looking after the welfare and safety of both staff and guests.
  • Emergency and volunteer work associated with the safety of staff and guests and cleanliness of the island as required.
  • Reports to the Supervisor/Manager and leaves the work area within 30 minutes of the shift finishing.
  • Performs any tasks related to the position as requested by the Supervisor/Manager.

Specific Responsibilities Pertaining To Different Areas of The Hotel

Cleaning of Guest Rooms:

  • Efficiently cleans assigned number of rooms per day keeping within departmental standards.
  • Ensures all linen and towelling used for guests are clean with no stains, rips or tears. Follows departmental procedure for identifying damaged linen/towelling and its removal from circulation.
  • Ensures all guest amenities are refilled or replaced as per departmental procedure.
  • Ensures all assigned service areas are clean and tidy at all times including disposing of all rubbish appropriately.
  • Packs and replenishes trolleys to the required standard at the end of each shift, therefore minimising lost time at the start of each shift.
  • Ensures housekeeping trolleys are neat and tidy at all times.
  • Advises Supervisor/Manager of any stock shortages, therefore minimising delays in servicing rooms
  • Places all soiled linen in appropriate storeroom /areas as soon as removed from guest room.
  • Ensures all lost property items left in guest rooms are recorded on the worksheet and handed in to the Supervisor/Manager at the end of the shift.
  • Secures guest rooms, ensuring all doors and windows are closed when room clean is complete.
  • Completes start and finish times for each room cleaned on worksheet.
  • Performs any tasks related to the position as requested by the Supervisor/Manager.

Running linen and guest requests:

  • Ensures that all service areas are stocked, maintains the service area outside the pantry.
  • Delivers guest requests and replaces guest room items in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Restocks the service area with linen advising the Supervisor/Manager when stock is low thereby maintaining adequate flow of stock and minimizing delays.
  • Responds to and takes prompt action to requests made by the Office coordinator/Supervisor/Manager ensuring the efficient smooth running of the department.
  • Performs basic maintenance tasks and reports any further maintenance requests to the office coordinator.
  • Assists in the linen room as required.
  • Performs any tasks related to the position as requested by the Supervisor/Manager.

Cleaning of public areas:

  • Ensures all common areas of the Hotel, including lobby areas, toilets and walkways leading to the Hotel Lobby are maintained in a clean condition and free of debris at all times.
  • Ensures Public conveniences / areas are cleaned and stocked at all times, thereby achieving optimum guest satisfaction and minimising guest complaints.
  • Carries out cleaning of outlets / function rooms as instructed, ensuring all areas are clean and tidy, thus ensuring maximum levels of guest satisfaction.
  • Ensures all areas are free of insects and rodents.
  • Performs any tasks related to the position as requested by the Supervisor/Manager.


  • Ensures the correct billing of drinks consumed from the mini bar in each room assigned.
  • Ensures all sales are accurately communicated to Room Service to help Room Service ensure all sales are entered onto the correct guest account before they check out.
  • Fulfils any guest requests made by the guest in relation to the mini bar thus ensuring a high level of guest service.
  • Ensures stock room/staff room is kept neat and tidy at all times.
  • Is responsible for the correct restocking of mini bar fridges to ensure all drinks are present and that after servicing, the mini bar fridge is up to par stock levels as per established standard.
  • Ensures the weekly stock rotation so there is no expired product in any guest minibar.
  • Ensures all minibar fridges are in working order and thoroughly clean, reports any not working fridges as per departmental procedure.
  • Performs any tasks related to the position as requested by the Supervisor/Manager.


Internal: Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Front Office Staff

External: Guests

It is not the intent of this example job description to cover all aspects of the position but to highlight the most important areas of responsibility.

How to apply

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