Aesthetic Beauty Launches In Australia

Aesthetic Beauty

Multiple times each week Aesthetic Beauty publish articles and industry features from Australia’s leading tattoo removal clinics, Skin & Cosmetic Clinics, Skin Specialists and Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeons. They also provide valuable industry contacts to freelance journalists for feature stories in traditional media publications. Each month they feature two treatments, putting the spotlight on various treatments […]

Laser Tattoo Removal Taking Off In Australia

Having a tattoo can be an experience or a regret. For the majority of people who frequent tattoo removal clinics, the trend is that they regret their tattoo and want it gone in the fastest possible time.   Laser tattoo removal gold coast professional Paul Roberts has had some interesting messages left on his phone […]

Briony’s New Zealand Hospitality Internship

Briony's Australia Hospitality Internship

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for the past 3 years and have learnt that I have a passion for working with people either as a team or individually. To me, providing customer satisfaction is an important part of my job and I feel proud to deliver that memorable experience to a customer.

Tirzah’s Split Hospitality Internship – Australia & New Zealand

Tirzah's Split Hospitality Internships in Australia & New Zealand

I discovered HTE internships through a friend while looking for opportunities to gain either experience or further qualifications to extend my employment profile. HTE offers an opportunity to mix my professional goals with my passion, travelling. I have been lucky and have visited many cities across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and South America as a tourist. To be part of this internship means I can live and work while exploring new countries.

Natalie’s Hospitality Internship in Australia

Natalie's Australia hospitality internships

I am most looking forward to seeing the beautiful sites which Australia has to offer, and looking forward to working in a new environment and gaining such a great experience, and meeting new people. I am also looking forward to the weather and being so close to a beach!

Emily’s New Zealand Hospitality Internship

Emily's New Zealand Hospitality Internships

I am looking forward to meeting new people and working in the New Zealand environment. I have always wanted to work abroad and therefore this work placement will give a taste of what New Zealand has to offer, and I will be able to explore the lovely country that is highly recommended.

Kingsley’s Australia Hospitality Internship

Kingsley's Australia Hospitality Internship

I’ve always wanted to go travelling around the world; originally I was looking at America, but when I saw the advert for Australia is caught my eye and I knew I wanted to go. I feel that this will be valuable experience as it will look great on my CV.

Sara’s Hospitality Internship in New Zealand

Sara's Paid Hospitality Internship in New Zealand

I think that working in a top class holiday destination will allow me to acquire many new skills that I will be able to put to good use in my future career. I am looking forward to experiencing living in a different country for the first time. I would also like to try some new activities, such as bungy jumping, jet boating and scuba diving, and sample some local hangi!

Anna’s New Zealand Hospitality Internship – 6 months

Anna's Hospitality internship in New Zealand

The reason why I applied for the program is that my biggest wish was to go to New Zealand for my second internship placement. After my high school year, several private trips to New Zealand and my first internship in Taupo I was so fascinated by the country and its culture that I decided to return.

Rachel’s Australia Hospitality Internship for 6 months

Rachel's Australia hospitality internships

In Australia, I am most looking forward to gaining some invaluable experience in the hospitality sector, travelling after my placement and going sightseeing, the weather, and maybe learning a new skill, like surfing.