New Zealand Housekeeping Internships – Job/ Position Description

Below is a typical Housekeeping job description for a New Zealand 4 or 5 star hotel.  Please note that some of the responsibilities listed are not pre-requisites for applying for this position, these are expected of you after 3-6 weeks of training or induction on the job.

Position title: Room Attendant

Reports to: Executive Housekeeper or Supervisor

Position Scope

To maintain the guest rooms and service areas in a clean and orderly manner.

Key Accountabilities

Ensure all check out rooms are cleaned by:

  • Changing all linen on beds
  • Dusting the room
  • Crockery to be washed and replaced in position
  • Cleaning bathroom and showers
  • Clean towels, face cloths and a bath mat should be left in the bathroom
  • Checking that the correct amount of amenities are in the correct format in bathroom – replacing where appropriate
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Closing curtains and windows
  • Turning all lights off

Ensure Rooms for Staying Guest are provided to the highest quality by:

  • Promoting energy measures and procedures
  • Crockery to be washed and replaced
  • Cleaning bathrooms and showers
  • Checking that the correct amount of amenities are in correct format in the bathroom – replenish as necessary
  • Emptying all rubbish bins and recline the liner
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Changing one sheet every three days
  • Closing the door when finished

Ensuring rooms are “Aired and Fresh” by:

  • Opening windows and curtains during servicing

Cleans Fridge by:

  • Cleaning and defrosting as required

Removes Rubbish by:

  • Emptying all rubbish bins, and relining the bin liner

Ensures Sound Departmental Communication by:

  • Attending and participating in housekeeping meetings

Resolves client Complaints by:

  • Ensuring all problems are resolved and reporting any that are beyond your level of authority to your supervisor or manager

Personal Presentation:

  • Maintains professional presentation in accordance with company policy as outlined in the staff handbook

Ensure measures to maximise Energy Efficiency by:

  • Promoting energy measures and procedures
  • Carrying out routine spot check energy conservation inspections

Ensures that guest and employee security and safety is maintained by:

  • Checking for any lost property left in rooms
  • Reporting security issues e.g. broken door locks, lost/ missing master keys to Duty Manager or other nominated person in accordance with company policy
  • Ensuring that guest privacy is not compromised
  • To be familiar with the Privacy Act as appropriate
  • Recognising, reporting and eliminating any general safety hazards
  • Reports any health, safety, security hazards and accidents through the appropriate reporting and action methods as detailed in the employee handbook and company policy manual
  • Is fully conversant and familiar with company, hotel and department Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) procedures, policies and directives
  • Ensures a high standard of personal and workplace hygiene
  • Participates in OSH in the workplace – provides input to Departmental H&S initiatives
  • Actively promotes safe work practices within the department
  • Has completed OSH elements of Training Plan, competency checklists


Major Challengers

  • Ensuring total Guest Satisfaction

Decision Making Authority (Decisions Expected)

  • Complaints
  • Extra service required

Working Relationships

  • Guests
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping Supervisors

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