HTE Internships are the leading internship provider for hospitality, tourism and tattoo removal internships. If you are looking for an internship to learn about the beauty and aesthetics industries then you have come to the right place.

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Hospitality Internships is a specialist website for Hospitality Students, Graduates and Workers looking for paid hospitality or hotel jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

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HTE Internships focus on Hospitality Internships and Placements in Australia and New Zealand. So if you’re looking for a Hospitality Internship as part of your studies, a Graduate Hospitality Placement to get some great experience on your CV, or you have hospitality experience and want to earn some money and travel abroad, we can place you into a Hospitality Job before you depart to Australia or New Zealand.

If you’re a tourism student we can place you into some amazing Tourism Internships in New Zealand.


Aesthetic Beauty

Aesthetic Beauty Launches In Australia

Multiple times each week Aesthetic Beauty publish articles and industry features from Australia’s leading tattoo removal clinics, Skin & Cosmetic Clinics, Skin Specialists and Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeons. They also provide valuable industry contacts to freelance journalists for feature stories in traditional media publications. Each month they feature two treatments, putting the spotlight on various treatments […]

Laser Tattoo Removal Taking Off In Australia

Having a tattoo can be an experience or a regret. For the majority of people who frequent tattoo removal clinics, the trend is that they regret their tattoo and want it gone in the fastest possible time.   Laser tattoo removal gold coast professional Paul Roberts has had some interesting messages left on his phone […]

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New Australia Hospitality Programme

NEW Australia Hospitality Internship Programme Imagine a place with white sandy beaches, the average temperature is 27 degrees celcius and you are right on top of the Great Barrier Reef… This is the home to our new 12 month Australia Hospitality Programme. 20 places available in 2012 – Apply Now

Split Australia & New Zealand Hospitaltiy Placement

Split Australia & New Zealand Hospitality Placement

The biggest choice our Hospitality students, graduates and workers have is choosing between a tropical island paradise in Australia or working in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup. Well we have made the choice very easy, you don’t need to choose any longer – Work in two of the world’s top travel destinations in 12 months.


Why HTE Internships – The Leading Hospitality Internship Company

HTE Internships focus 100% on the Australia and New Zealand Hospitality markets. HTE Internships is dedicated to providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students, graduates and workers in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Hospitality Internships

If you’re looking for an English speaking, warm climate to complete your hospitality internship, you have come to the right place! We speak to a lot of hospitality students in the UK, Europe and USA, the story is the same each time,

“We are sick of the cold weather for 8 months of the year”

Well now you have a choice, you can do your hospitality internship in Australia on a tropical island paradise, or in New Zealand and be there for the Rugby World Cup, one of the biggest events to come to New Zealand in 20 years.

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Graduate Hospitality Placements

It must be a great feeling having finished or about to finish your hospitality studies and now it is time to use the knowledge you have gained to get a graduate hospitality job. The majority of hospitality graduates we talk to in the UK, Europe and USA want to travel abroad having spent 2-4 years in the same city studying.

You are spoilt for choice for your graduate hospitality placement, we can place you into a 4 or 5 star resort on a tropical island in Australia, or into a 4/5 star hotel in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world and host to the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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Hospitality Jobs

HTE Internships don’t just place current students into great hospitality jobs in Australia or New Zealand. We also place anyone who has 6 months or more of hospitality experience.

Imagine a place with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, warm enough to swim in year round. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and you are right on top of the Great Barrier Reef, literally… This is the home to HTE Internships Australian Hospitality Jobs Programme.

To work in Australia you need to be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa, you will need to apply for this before your turn 31.

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